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When planning a destination wedding, you can have fun with the invitations. Be creative and invoke the spirit of your wedding locale.

Think Outside the Box

While most wedding themed invites will still work for a destination, you can certainly go wild and choose something that isn’t wedding related at all! For a beach wedding, one couple I know mailed a flip flop to each guest with the details hand written on the sole of the shoe. My friends married during a music festival and sent the invitation custom printed on a record label. Each 45 was different and were by bands playing at the festival. These types of creative invitations can save money on printing costs, but may cost a bit more to mail.

If you’re strapped for time, consider using simple one sheet invitations rather than a full envelope of RSVP and registration info. The cost of printing one sheet is much less as well. Choose a design based on the location, but it doesn’t have to be obvious. A single local flower can invoke the spirit. I had one client use a single lily for their May wedding in Paris, which is a much less obvious choice than the Eiffel tower (although that too could have been beautiful). A strong design can

One of my favorite invitation printers, Tiny Prints, also has a wedding invitation division, which offers great designs–Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas. If you want all the inserts, not only can you print matching pieces, but that have a great little bundle envelope. They even do that second layer of color that is popular to add flourish. I once made invitation for a party by hand, custom ordering and cutting the card stock to layer with the printed invite. It took a lot of work and time, and I really don’t know that I saved that much in doing it myself.

Everybody wants to get married in Hawaii, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you have a range of options to have fun with your invitations. From beach balls that need to be blown up to see the details (perfect for a casual wedding) to a map of the island the ceremony will take place on, there’s plenty to choose from.

Just remember, you chose a destination wedding to have fun and express your love, not to stress over the invitation!







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