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Wedding Registry powered by Honeyfund

As I plan my own destination wedding, I have searched through so many free wedding website creators and honeymoon registries that my eyes hurt. I decided on Honeyfund for my honeymoon registry as it offered the lowest fees and the cutest designs. I just started the process of setting it up, but will report back as the gifts start rolling in.


From Honeyfund’s FAQs:

How much does it cost? It’s free!

Honeyfund is totally free! There are no transaction fees for couples or gift givers and no setup fees. This is possible because gift givers are directed to send the money to YOU, by cash or check. We don’t handle any gift money here at Honeyfund.

Is safe and secure for me and my guests?

Rest assured all personal info and gift money is safe and secure. Your money travels directly from gift givers to you, either offline or via your own PayPal account, so we don’t handle money here at Honeyfund.

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